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Hello! I’m Istvan Zador, a freelance web designer.

I design websites, brands and logos with deadlines. All of my work is responsive therefore they appear optimized on all size of displays. I write error-free, browser-independent codes using the latest technologies.

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What do I do?

The Web design and development embrace huge areas. To meet the requirements of the highest qualities, I'm specialized on the following:


Since it is a very fast developing field, it is essential to update websites/web pages and designs at certain intervals (every 2-3 years). I also take care of the update and maintenance of old, outdated sites.

Already have a web design? Send me the files and contents and I will make it a working web page!

Why me?

  • Because I always use the latest trends and technologies.
  • Because I write professional codes that can be easily modified – which may be important in case of further modifications.
  • Because I don’t give my name to any low quality fast-paced site.
  • Because all of my work go through a thorough test before launch.
  • Because in case of a site build, at launch I make a free backup and I provide a one-hour free lesson about modifying the content in WordPress. (that means you will not necessarily need the help of an expert to modify the content.)

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All information is treated confidentially, in accordance with the data management rules and I do not disclose it to third parties.