Is WordPress Good for Small Businesses?

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Initially built as a website for blogging, WordPress has evolved over the years and introduced many plugins that make it popular among users across the globe as an eCommerce website. Small businesses, in particular, prefer using WordPress for a number of reasons:

It Helps You Get Better Visibility

Even if you’re not using WordPress for eCommerce or similar activities, you can use it to get your brand name out there. By using plugins like Yoast and tuning your content to include the right keywords, your brand name can start reaching the top ranks.

Many of its Features Are Free

If you’re building a website on WordPress, you’ll find that most of the themes are free. For each theme, you can check when it was released, whether or not it’s been updated, and more. For any theme, see if developer support is included. Only choose it if it is in case you run into any issues.

Apart from that, many of the most essential plugins are free. This includes:

• Plugins for push notifications like WonderPush

• SEO plugins like Yoast

• Plugins to set up your digital store like WooCommerce

• Security plugins like JetPack, etc.

With each plugin, you can see the number of people who downloaded it and what its rating is. If you need to access more advanced features, you can buy the premium version of any plugin.

Your Content is Secure

By enabling the security plugins, you can keep your web content safe from hackers. What’s more, is that WordPress constantly updates its software to keep malicious activity and any other malfunctions ways.

What to Look Out For When Using WordPress

Whether you’re new to setting up your own website or to WordPress in general, here are some things to keep an eye out for:

• For beginners, it’s ideal to go with a free WordPress theme. If you wish to buy one, look for reputable sellers to avoid getting viruses or other problems. Choosing the wrong seller may also deprive you of developer support and end up costing you time, effort, and money.

• You may need to understand how HTML and CSS work- if this isn’t your strong suit, you may need to hire a web developer.

• Don’t make it your sole eCommerce outlet – the eCommerce features on WordPress are limited, and it’s more for brand visibility and ranking than it is for selling.


The community of WordPress users is pretty massive. If you ever run into any problems, you can access their online blogs and even forums dedicated to WordPress to find people to help you out.

For a website that can compete with established brands and has a contemporary look, you can hire a freelance web designer to help you get started. They’ll set up your WordPress site, recommend the right plugins included the paid ones that you should download and more. They’ll also help you stay safe from all the issues we’ve discussed in the previous section.


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