Complete E-Commerce Store

If you are an entrepreneur, do you have an E-Commerce website? If not, that means you are missing out on the 2.05 billion buyers who use the internet to shop online. I develop custom e-commerce websites based on WordPress and WooCommerce, with a unique look, of course, with lots and lots of extra features.


Custom Design

I create a custom design for an e-commerce website that matches your brand image and sets you apart from the competition.

System Email Customization

I can customize the default WooCommerce email so that it matches your E-commerce store design.

Inventory Management

I can implement proper inventory management systems, which can help you keep track of all your in-stock assets and lets you know when your inventory needs to be replenished.

Payment Modules

I offer payment module integration so that you can authorize payments through your site safely and effectively through PayPal, Debit/Credit cards, etc.

Deals, Coupons, Promos

Offering deals, discounts, promos, and coupons to your e-commerce website can help you drive revenue. I can definitely help you add these extra features.

Reviews and Ratings

Of course, product reviews and ratings cannot be left out of an E-commerce store. These features will also be built-in.

Search / Product Filters

I will make sure customers can easily do keyword-based searches to search for products. I will also add product filter options, which can help your customers search for products through select attributes.

Upsell / Offer Similar Products

The checkout is a great place to grab your customers’ attention and redirect it towards buying even more products. To do that, I can display recommendations for similar products in the checkout area.

Free Shipping

I can also provide you with options so that you can offer free delivery to your customers over orders of a specific value.

Contact Form

I will help you add a contact form in a prominent place so that your customers have no problems reaching you.

Google Analytics

I will set up Google Analytics for you to view your E-commerce store’s performance and know who visits your website, which products and pages they are interested in, etc.

Google Maps

If your store also has a physical outlet, I will integrate Google Maps into your E-commerce store so that your customers can easily find your walk-in store.

How I Work

1. Preparation

I get to know your business regarding the website. After that, you need to send me the brief, the website content, including the product items, pictures, descriptions, etc. Then I perform research and competitor research in your area of business.

2. Design

Based on the research from the previous step, I create wireframes for your website. A wireframe is a simplified visual representation of your website. Finally, I make the website design based on the wireframes. At this point, I can already show you how the final website will look like.

3. Code

In this stage, I build your e-commerce website based on the accepted designs from the previous step. I present the completed website to you. I create your WordPress website with the WooCommerce plugin. If no more changes are needed, then I start testing and optimize your website.

4. Launch

I transfer and launch your e-commerce website under your chosen domain. After that, I test your website again to make sure that everything works properly after the transfer. Finally, I create an initial backup of the completed website.

E-Commerce Website Packages & Pricing

No monthly fees!

Free 1 year hosting & domain!

$300 Off!

Basic E-Commerce Website



30 Product Items (more can be added)

WordPress CMS, WooCommerce Plugin

Custom Design

Inventory Management

Product Categories Design

Product Search

System Email Customization

Payment: Cash on Delivery, PayPal, Bank Transfer

Reviews and Ratings

Contact Form

Responsive Design

Mobile Friendly

Google Analytics

Google Search Console Setup

Technical SEO Optimization

Image Optimization

Website Backup

Free 1 Year Hosting & Domain


Let’s connect and see how I can help you.

All data is treated confidentially. We do not send any promotional material to our customers.


How long does it take to complete my eCommerce website?

It's about 1-2 months, but it depends a lot on the number of products and the number of features you want to build into your online store.

Do you offer maintenance?

If you do not want to deal with uploading or modifying products, I will be happy to help. In this case, I'm available on an hourly basis.

Can you help me take product pictures?

Unfortunately, I can't help you with that, but I try to find the right professional for you.

Is it possible to upload additional products?

Yes, of course. You can do it by yourself through the admin interface. You can modify the features, description of existing products, delete them, and so on.